Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have birthday invitations that we can use?

Yes we do! To download Birthday Invitations Click here and here. You can also pop in and pick some up from the venue.

How long does the party go for?

Classic Parties last for 2 hours. Weekends are usually busy but weekdays are quieter and it’s possible to stay longer. Off-peak $3 per child discount applies for bookings Mon-Fri.

Can I bring a cake and extra party food?

You may bring the birthday cake and lolly bags. We have limited storing space so please avoid ice cream cakes. Due to health and safety regulations, no other food is to be brought into the venue.  Is there hot food for sale? See our Menu Click here

How long can we use tables?

Tables are reserved for the time provided in your package.  Late arrivals consequently shorten the time you are allowed. You may request a table however priority is given to group packages that include food and drinks.

How long in advance should we book?

A specific time is usually available if booked 3 weeks in advance. Online bookings MUST be made 24 hours ahead and confirmed by a staff member. We cannot guarantee a booking made online.

What are your opening hours?

School Holidays Open From 10AM

We are open every day except Christmas Day.
Opening hours are: Mon-Thurs: 10:00-20:30; Fri/Sat: 10:00-21:30; Sun: 10:00-18:00
We recommend that bookings are made, even if it’s a small group.